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6eda5d40-384e-496a-897f-9a9168428495.JPGBéatrice Graf: Homemade Drums, Diddley bows, Objects

Domi Chansorn: Drums, Synth, Toys, Vocals

Created during a live stream from Zürich's Moods Jazz club during Covid 19, the pair of Geneva's super-multiactive Béatrice Graf and Zürich's highly established musician and producer Domi Chansorn perform under the name Aufzug! Crazy about instant composition and groove, the two drummers improvise with old moog synthesizers, single-string guitars, a drum set made of objects or children's toys … combining them into sound pieces that are as playful as they are unpredictable, with subtly arranged developments. A language with a marvellously varied musical palette and a highly evocative emotional content, the perfect invitation to a sensory journey of discovery. Aufzug! delivers music that's deeply inhabited in the truest, most powerful sense of the word. A total palette and freedom of sound, blending drum rhythms with synthetic guitar textures to create a groovy, hypnotic journey that can go in any direction at any moment. A captivating and exciting project/group/duo.

Previous artistic activities :

Since this first meeting directly on stage at Moods in June 2020

By word of mouth, Aufzug ! has been programmed at the Onze Plus Festival, at the Bee-flatt in Bern, on a farm in Seeland, for housing cooperatives in Bern and Geneva, in the Helsinki and Walcheturm clubs in Zürich, at Bongo Joe and for a 4-day residency at the AMR- Sud des Alpes in Geneva, at the Cully Jazz Festival and at the Frequenze Libere Festival in Locarno. In addition to concerts, the duo collaborates on multidisciplinary projects and with the performing arts: composing music for a radio play by Michael Stauffer for DRS2, creating the Sugarhex show at the Festival Antigel 2023 (Rudi van der Merwe's Skreewolf company) and the album associated with the show.