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DOMI CHANSORN -Zürich: drums, analog keyboards, various instruments

Blending jazz and electro with a psychedelic feel, Domi Chansorn has more than one string to his guitar, which he uses with modesty. Just two chords are enough to carry us away into a universe where artists such as Bon Iver and Sigùr Ros meet and where saxophone and electro mix.
After having accompanied as a freelance musician (bass, guitar, drums) but also as a singer, arranger, producer and even engineer several artists such as Sophie Hunger, Bonaparte, Evelinn Trouble, Colin Valon, Django Bates, Oli Kuster, Gabriel Zufferey, Skor, Knackeboul, Lunik and many more, Domi Chansorn has launched a solo career, releasing "Bright times can be dark as well" (2011), "hoppalulu bum" in 2018 and 3 EPs in 2022.
Modest about his talent but aware of the work he has done, the artist opts for stylistic diversity. He's not interested in the boundaries between genres, and it's as a true musical chameleon that he composes his tracks.

From composition to artistry, the Bernese musician puts his heart and soul into his work. Having studied at the Swiss Jazz School and The Collective School of Music in New York, Domi Chansorn confides in an interview that he would like to leave his mark on the Swiss and international musical landscape, but above all hopes to remain creative throughout his career.
One thing's for sure, though, and that is that Domi Chansorn is a true musical tour de force, experimenting with new dimensions of sound that are both gentle and wild, and which are well worth a listen for those who haven't already.

Béatrice Graf -Geneva: suitcase drums, diddley bows (one-string guitars), objects

This hyperactive drummer and composer has been performing for over 30 years. Her tours with Ester Poly (with Martina Berther), Graf Lanz, IMO, Sylvie Courvoisier, Four Roses, Peter Schärli 6 tet feat Glenn Ferris, Amampondo, Guillaume Perret and many others have taken her around the world more than once. From solo to sextet, from improvised to composed music, from swing to hardcore, from acoustic to electronic music, Béatrice Graf's artistic curiosity knows no bounds. 

This has also led to collaborations with artists from the fields of dance (Rudi van der Merwe), performance, theater (Kate Mc Intosch) or multimedia. She was awarded a Swiss Music Prize in 2019 and the Mérite artistique de la Ville de Nyon in 2022. She also received a carte blanche from the Centre Dürrenmatt in 2014 and a composition mandate from the Pro Helvetia Foundation in 1997. In addition to her work as a musician, she is an active cultural activist. Sustainability in culture and agriculture, soft mobility and climate protection are at the heart of her current artistic projects. She organized the Cycloton 2019 bike tour and the Slow 2020 festival.